Why Whole Bean Coffee?

Ask any coffee lover their #1 tip on making great coffee and they will tell you to buy fresh roasted whole bean coffee and to grind it as you use it.The whole bean vs ground coffee debate has been an ongoing dissection for years. On one had pre-ground is convenient on the other whole bean coffee last much longer and because of the sustained freshness it tases much, much better. 

Although we can grind your coffee before we ship it we are 100% in the whole bean only camp. 

Here are a few reasons why you should buy fresh roasted coffee:

Most coffee on supermarket shelves have a huge downside...They are stale.

Supermarket coffee in most cases was roasted months before it lands on the store shelves. The results are a loss in natural aromas and flavor as peak freshness is 1-2 weeks after coffee is roasted.

Most of the coffee sold in grocery stores is pre-ground. And pre-ground coffee loses most of its natural flavor in just 20-30 minutes, Yes, minutes. Oxygen soaks into the small grounds causing it to start decaying. The natural sugars, smooth aromas, and gentle acids turn into harsh bitterness.

Our advice: Buy fresh roasted coffee, and wait to grind it until you are ready to brew it to save those amazing fresh flavors.